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Curriculum of the Life and Activities

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Curriculum of the Life and Activities of Prof. Dr. László Prezmecky

Prof. Dr. László Prezmecky was born in October 1929 in Komárom-Komarno, then a part of Czechoslovakia, as the 17th child of the family. In 1945 he worked in the construction of bridges in Prague. Two years later, in the hope of entering Hungary, he crossed the Danube to Hungary rowing with the help of a tractor tire, a bottle and a bicycle, avoiding the controls of Czech border guards.
In Hungary he played football in several locations. He played with his good friend Zoltán Czibor, later one of the members of the celebrated Hungarian football team, in Komárom. He continued his studies, first as a dental technician, then he studied at the Technical University of Budapest in the School of Architecture and Machinery. After completing six semesters, he achieved his dream to study at the Dental School of the Semmelweis University of Medicine.
In 1967 he was active in his private dental practice in Budapest, but decided to leave Hungary. He spent ten months in Italian camps, then was able to settle in Switzerland. In Basel he established his dental enterprise: „Privatinstitut für Zahnimplantologie – Trägervereinigung.”
His principal professional interest was oral surgery. He developed a unique surgical treatment for gum atrophy. His treatment was recognized internationally as equivalent to an invention.
He recovered from a serious automobile accident in 2001 in two and a half months and continued his professional activities.
In 2011 he demonstrated two dental surgeries live at the Medical Congress of Paradentology in Szeged, Hungary. His method was a subject of professional interest.
He decided to continue his scientific research in Budapest, utilizing his 21 years of Swiss experience. He was unable to establish his research activity in Budapest due to lack of financial support, therefore he opened his clinic in Kőszeg.

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Prof. Dr. Prezmecky László Dentistry clinic

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