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Paradentology – Tooth Preservation

Paradentology – Tooth Preservation

Paradentology is a field of science for the treatment of illness related to soft and solid dental bone tissue. This illness extends over a long period. As a result of bacterial infection plaque and tartar develop and produce permanent inflammation of the gums. As a consequence of the weakened gums, tartar attacks dental tissues and bones, resulting in tooth loss. Treatment of these patients is impossible. If the illness of dental tissues is not treated, implants will be inflamed and new ones cannot be implanted.


Precedent developments of paradentology as a scientific procedure

The professional treatment of gum diseases was preceded by an extensive period of research. At the beginning of treatment in Switzerland a manufacturer tested an injection. The tested agent was perfect, but patients complained about pain. As a result the experiments were terminated.

Since Professor Prezmecky pursued research in this area, the manufacturer requested him to develop a procedure for using this agent without painful side effects.  Professor Prezmecky undertook research with an engineering colleague. The result was an appliance which was instrumental in implanting the agent called Factor-X. This appliance – N-Therapy Instrument performs the required procedure without surgical incision. Professor Prezmecky employed this agent in post-surgical treatment with great success. This procedure motivated research related to dental preservation.


Biological commentary:

Bone-forming cells (osteoblasts)Photo 1: Bone-forming cells (osteoblasts)

 Bone-destructive cells (osteoclasts) Photo 2: Bone-destructive cells (osteoclasts)


Bone-forming cells (osteoblasts) appear at locations of bone growth and transformation.
Bone cells (osteocytes) are osteoblasts within the interior of bone tissue.
Bone-destructive cells (osteoclasts) occur at locations of bone absorption. As a result of their activity hollow areas (Howship lacuna) are created on bone surface.

Osteoblasts and osteoclasts are continuously active in our body. The Factor-X agent produces an impact by reducing the activity of osteoclasts, thereby activating bone-forming cells.

We can treat Miller-III and IV type loosened teeth successfully.
Following treatment after ten days you can even have Vienna Schnitzel.
The period of recovery depends on the patient and the gravity of the illness.

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